Perfect Bitcoin Certified Partners

Perfect Bitcoin builds its business on partnership and highly values each and every Business Partner.

You can always make other types of Perfect Bitcoin exchange via our certified exchange partners. We try to reach the broadest audience and make PBC as liquid as possible.

Benefits for exchangers

Perfect Bitcoin is glad to announce a unique opportunity where every system user can start earning money with Perfect Bitcoin immediately. Due to the wide popularity of Perfect Bitcoin, there is a stable demand for its electronic currency all over the world.

Perfect Bitcoin builds its business by establishing partnerships with exchange services. Since Perfect Bitcoin brought its services to the market, the number of partner exchange services has been steadily increasing. You can too open a Perfect Bitcoin exchange office in your region and start exchanging electronic PBC currency for cash and/or other electronic currencies.

In order to open an exchange office, first of all, you will need to determine the array of activities you are planning to engage in. You can open an offline exchange office and start working with cash or you can open an online exchange service with a website to accept PBC currency exchange inquiries. Automatic currency exchangers are a separate breed of exchangers where all activities are conducted by scripts in an automatic mode. This type of business is ideal for an autonomously operated exchanger, but requires very good technical skills.

You will need to create a website where you specify the following information: hours of operation, exchange conditions, exchange types, contact information and support links. You will also have to place the Perfect Money logo on your website linking it to

You are also recommended to place your bank information on your website. These are the mandatory conditions to be included into the list of the Perfect Bitcoin certified currency exchange services.

For your exchange office to be a success, you will need to engage some turnaround funds. Perfect Bitcoin recommends keeping your balances on the PBC accounts to make your operations more convenient and to maintain a high level of professionalism. Your fee policy is completely at your discretion but you need to remember that the Perfect Bitcoin System prohibits exchanging its currency at exchange fees higher than 10%. The remainder of Perfect Money currency can be traded for a bank wire in a priority order and at a smaller fee. But you need to remember that Perfect Bitcoin aims at the popularization of the system and it should be your main priority to sell the PBC electronic currency to the system users. You should pay a special attention to the marketing of the Perfect Bitcoin system and expanding the clientele base in your region by a thoroughly planned advertisement strategy. Under the PBC for Business program exchange services are allowed to participate only in: Reward to site owners with logo of Perfect Bitcoin, Receive bonus for a great number of operations in your Perfect Bitcoin account and Reward to business projects with large amounts in their accounts. Exchange services are not allowed to participate in any other programs.

Perfect Bitcoin is ready and willing to provide a complete support to exchange service businesses and if you have any questions or suggestions, please fill out the form and we will be glad to respond to you at the earliest convenience!


Perfect Bitcoin builds its business on partnership and highly values each and every Business Partner.

You can always make other types of Perfect Bitcoin exchange via our certified exchange partners. We try to reach the broadest audience and make PBC as liquid as possible

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